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Los Angeles Times, March 6, 2016. “Are we greening our cities, or just greenwashing them?” By Wade Graham  

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By Wade Graham Los Angeles Times Sunday, September 27, 2015 (LA Times page) It would seem to be just in the right place for a city park: a five-acre square…

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This year’s drought has thrown California into a sudden tizzy, a crisis of snowpack measurements, fish-versus-people arguments and controversial cuts in water deliveries. But in reality, crisis is the permanent…

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Drought Is Depleting the Water in Lake Powell. What’s Emerging Is a Spectacle of Nature Not Seen Since the Building of Glen Canyon Dam. History is reversing itself in an…

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Article written for The Los Angeles Times. THE PROPOSED sale of federal land in Washington County, Utah, is spectacular, in the scale of both its greed and its shamelessness. Legislation…

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Exploring Utah’s Lake Powell several weeks ago, I expected to find a wide, placid reservoir. Instead, a friend and I whipped along in a brisk current flowing between 20-foot-high sand…

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Just beyond the sprawling outskirts of Phoenix, the heat is 111 degrees and the rush-hour traffic shimmers like a mirage. A billboard filled with verdant pine trees beckons: ”Come to…

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