Stoppard’s Arcadia at A Noise Within

I was lucky enough to see a very good production of Arcadia in Pasadena by A Noise Within, one of the LA’s best companies. A reminder of how three-dimensionally compelling a good play, well-played, can be. And Stoppard is hilarious, naughty, and deeply intellectually challenging all at once here. And of course the central theme, the conflict between a rational, ordered universe and one driven by passion, emotion, and sex, “the attraction Newton left out,” is exemplified by the tortured efforts of the hired landscape gardener, Richard Noakes, hired to remake the Sibley Park estate grounds over from the “natural” style to the “picturesque.” A romp in the garden.

“Arcadia at A Noise Within: Stoppard play explores the conflict between Enlightenment and Romanticism,” theater review. November 15, 2016,