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A new comedy by Alena Smith: On an uncomfortably hot evening in November—the Day of the Dead to be exact—a group of thirtysomething friends convene in a house in…

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“Cinco mentiras sobre la construcción sustentable,” Miguel Jurado, Clarin, Argentina, Aug. 16, 2016. —English version:

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  At a gas station in Moab, a Thursday afternoon in June, the temperature a little over 100, heat rising from the oily asphalt. The pumps are lined with vehicles…

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Los Angeles Times, March 6, 2016. “Are we greening our cities, or just greenwashing them?” By Wade Graham  

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Link to Santa Barbara Independent, Dec. 14, 2015:   The Broad Museum of Contemporary Art, which opened September 20 in Downtown Los Angeles, will be, its benefactor Eli Broad hopes,…

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