Jesus Is My Gardener is an intelligent, funny, and original piece by Los Angeles-based historian and garden designer Wade Graham. It explores the "garden transaction" in contemporary Southern California, between the people who pay for and live in them, and those who maintain them, with Graham in between as mediator, would-be translator, and literary guide to the wilds of modern inter-cultural America. Graham is the author of American Eden, a cultural history of gardens in America.

"An astute reflection on the human condition as perceived through gardening ambitions." —Joyce Appleby, author of Shores of Knowledge: New World Discoveries and the Scientific Imagination.

“...subtle humor and elegantly cascading prose...” —

Editorial Review

“Reading Jesus Is My Gardener, one gets the distinct sense that Wade Graham could describe just about anything. Thankfully, he applies his subtle humor and elegantly cascading prose to a topic about which he cares deeply and knows much, resulting in a memorable essay that explores several topics simultaneously…” – review


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Jesus Is My Gardener
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